In Virginia, Republican Demagogue Revives Birther Claim Against Obama

Screengrab/Laurie Probst /YouTube

Corey Stewart, a neo-confederate Republican, was Trump’s campaign Chairman in the state of Virginia.

Republican Corey Stewart, who is looking to challenge Democratic Senator Tim Kaine for his Virginia Senate seat, brought the de-bunked conspiracy theory surrounding former President Barack Obama's birth certificate back into the public sphere Friday.

The former state chairman for Donald Trump's 2016 campaign tweeted,

After being fired as Trump chair in Virginia, Stewart attempted a run for governor.

He narrowly lost the Republican primary for the 2017 governor’s race, in which Gillespie lost to the Democrat, Ralph Northam, by a punishing nine-point margin.

The RNC’s backing for the controversial Moore in Alabama notwithstanding, it has been reported that party bodies are looking to block Stewart’s Senate run in Virginia, a state long slipping from red to blue which produced a tide of Democratic victories this year.