In Virginia, GOP Legislators Won't Call Transgender Lawmaker A Woman

Danica Roem(image credit: Ted Eytan/CC-2.0)

In Virginia, GOP legislators won't call transgender lawmaker a 'woman'.

In Virginia, Republican lawmakers refuse to call newly elected trans-lawmaker Danica Roem a 'gentlelady''.

Republican lawmakers in Virginia plan to throw out hundred-year-old rules in their General Assembly so they don’t have to call the state’s first transgender legislator a woman. Throughout the campaign leading up to the state election in Virginia early this month, Danica Roem’s Republican rival, Robert G. Marshall referred to her as a man in public, as did Virginia Republican Party campaign fliers.

Republicans, purportedly a party of traditionalists, now claim that the terms 'gentleman' and 'gentlelady' are outdated.

“All members will be afforded the same respect and courtesy that this nearly 400-year-old institution commands,” said Parker Slaybaugh, who represents Cox. “Speaker-designee Cox believes the ‘gentlelady’ and ‘gentleman’ terminology is outdated, and that referring to everyone as ‘delegate’ is more timely and appropriate.”