In Utah, A Republican Lawmaker Uses Legal Machinations To Steal An Election

Screengrab/Fox News Insider/YouTube

Republican Rep. Mia Love is suing for the ability to challenge mail-in ballots her campaign believes are not valid.

A Republican lawmaker in Utah filed a lawsuit Wednesday in an effort to stop vote counting in a race that finds her just barely trailing her Democratic challenger, according to Politico.

Rep. Mia Love is arguing that her campaign should be permitted to issue challenges if it disputes the validity of mail-in ballots.

> In a contest where “every single vote is crucial,” the Love campaign claimed poll-watchers have seen a few cases where voter signatures on ballots accepted by election workers did not appear to match those on file in Democratic-leaning Salt Lake County.


> County attorneys pushed back in court documents, arguing state law gives the campaign no right to interrupt the vote count, and letting the campaign question signatures could violate voters’ rights by revealing who they cast their ballots for.

Politico said Love’s challenger, Democrat Ben McAdams, said the Republican’s lawsuit “smacks of desperation,” adding that candidates should not be deciding which votes will count.

> County Clerk Sherrie Swenson, a Democrat, said Love’s campaign staff was granted access to observe the tallies but is not allowed to be interactive participants in the signature verification process. Results her office released Wednesday night sliced into McAdam’s lead, putting Love less than half a percentage point behind him. Her campaign manager Dave Hansen cheered the news, saying she is on a “path to victory.”


> A judge is set to hear arguments on Thursday.

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