In Unhinged Interview, Trump Claims Electoral College Unfairly Favors Democrats

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President Trump likes to say the electoral college favors Democrats, but in reality it likely gives Republicans an edge.

During a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, President Donald Trump insisted (again) that the electoral college favors Democrats, explaining that this is one reason they came up with the Russia investigation — to explain how they lost such an easy win.

According to The Washington Post, when the AP reporter asked Trump if he would prefer an in-person interview with special counsel Robert Mueller or to provide written answers to Mueller’s questions, the president launched into a rant about how the entire investigation is an elaborate attempt to explain away Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss.

Per the AP’s interview transcript, Trump offered the following response:

> We’ll see how that works out. You know that’s in process. It’s a tremendous waste of time for the president of the United States. To think that I would be even thinking about using Russia to help me win Idaho. We’re using Russia to help me win the great state of Iowa or anywhere else is the most preposterous, embarrassing thing. And I will say that the Democrats know it and they wink. They’re all laughing. And you know if I often hear that Russia likes to sow discord. The word is sow, an old English term. They like to sow chaos and discord. Well, if that’s the case, you gave it to them on a silver platter because this is ridiculous. This was an excuse made by the Democrats for the reason they lost the electoral college, which gives them a big advantage — a big advantage. Very different than the popular vote. The popular vote would be much easier to win if you were campaigning on it. You know, it’s like running the 100-yard dash versus a 10-mile run. You train differently. Nobody explained that to Hillary Clinton, by the way. Someday she’ll figure it out. But winning the electoral college is a tremendous advantage for the Democrats. And this was an excuse for how they lost the election. How they lost an election they should have won. And one of the reasons they lost because I happened to be a great candidate. And another reason they lost is that Hillary forgot to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and I guess she needed a lot more time in North Carolina, a lot more time in South Carolina and a lot more time in a place called — a beautiful, sunny, wonderful place — called Florida.

Politifact previously rendered Trump’s assertion that the electoral college favors Democrats as false, noting that in actuality, there is more likely a Republican advantage to the outdated system.

Read The Post’s annotated transcript here.

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