In Troubling Pattern, Senior Executive Dies After Falling From His Moscow Window

Pxhere/Public Domain

Several Russians have suffered falls from windows or balconies in recent years.

In what seems to be a disturbing pattern in Vladimir Putins Russia, Bruno Charles de Kooman, the senior executive of Novolipetsk Steel Plant (NLMK), died after falling from a window at the House on the Embankment in Moscow.

Via Crime Russia:

> According to preliminary data, de Kooman fell out of window of the ninth floor of the House on the Embankment on Serafimovich Street. The Telegram-channel Mash says he was sober.

> In his friends words, he was going upstairs and asked to wait him at the front of the house. Literally minutes after, the man fell out of the window. In an interview with the Telegram-channel, he also said that de Kooman died before emergency medical service arrived.

In 2017, Nikolai Gorokhov also fell from a building in Moscow, though he lived to tell the tale:

> A Russian lawyer who survived after falling from a fourth-floor balcony says his plunge was no accident and fears he was targeted because he found key evidence in a $230 million corruption scandal involving high-ranking state officials.

> "I am still afraid for my life," Nikolai Gorokhov told NBC News in his first interview since surviving the 50-foot drop on March 21. "But of course I am more afraid about the safety of my family."

Gorokhov represented the mother of Sergei Magnitsky at the time, the Russian lawyer who helped uncover one of the countrys largest tax fraud schemes and subsequently died in an Russian prison.

In Yekaterinburg, Russias fourth largest city, prominent journalist Maxim Borodin suffered a fall from a window of his fourth-floor apartment and died two days later, on April 13, 2017.

Borodin was an investigative reporter who covered the war in Syria extensively.