In This Video, A GOP Senate Candidate Praises The Confederacy For Secession

In 2017, Republican candidate Corey Steward compared Virginia's rebellion during the Civil War alongside the Revolution.

During an event hosted by secessionist George Randall last year, Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart praised the state's secessionist history, comparing it alongside the Revolutionary War and what he considers rebellion shaping up today.

"This is the state of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and James Monroe. It's a state of the founders," the Republican candidate said, according to CNN. "It's the state of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."

Stewart continued: "But it's also the state of Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson, and J.E.B. Stuart. Because, at the base of it, Virginians, we think for ourselves. And if the established order is wrong, we rebel. We did that in the Revolution, we did it in the Civil War, and we're doing it today. We're doing it today because they're trying to rob us of everything that we hold dear: our history, our heritage, our culture."

Watch above.