In Texas, COVID Cases Surge Past 1,700 From Child Care Facilities Alone

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State health officials said more than 1,200 of those infected were staff members, and more than 500 were children.

Local news station KVUE reported on Wednesday that Texas has seen a surge in coronavirus cases related to child care centers, with at least 1,700 people from such facilities testing positive for the virus.

  • The report states that “Texas Health and Human Services had been notified of 1,799 reported positive cases of COVID-19 (1,207 staff, 592 children) at 1,131 child care operations,” adding that this “represents a 759% increase since June 15.”
  • KVUE previously reported “that known cases among child care workers and children had more than tripled over the previous three weeks in the state.”

On June 12, child care providers in Texas were alerted that the Health and Human Services Commission had repealed its emergency rules for child care facilities. But on June 25, HHSC adopted new emergency rules, which require certain procedures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

  • The report notes that 12,220 child care facilities were open throughout Texas as of Monday.

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