In Swing Districts, Trump’s Approval Rating Is 20 Points Underwater

Screengrab / CBS News / Youtube

In swing districts, Trump’s approval rating is 31%, and his disapproval rating is 51%.

Survey results published Wednesday by a Monmouth University poll revealed that residents in swing districts—areas which had a less than 10 percentage point difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election—are less satisfied of Trump's presidency than voters in areas with over 10 percent more votes for Clinton than for Trump.

The results of the survey confirm Trump's 2020 election campaign team's intention to campaign aggressively in parts of Michigan and Wisconsin, where Trump won with an extremely narrow margin, The Week reports.

In swing districts, 51% of people disapproved of Trump's performance, while only 31% approved. In districts that largely supported Hillary Clinton, 62% of respondents disapproved of the president, while 33% approved of him.

Researchers conducted the poll via telephone on April 11-15 and interviewed 801 adults in the United States.

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