In Stunning Display Of Ignorance, Trump Wishes Christians “Happy Good Friday”


"HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!" President Trump tweeted, apparently lost on the somber nature of the day for Christians.

Christians across the globe are observing Good Friday today — the day commemorating Jesus Christ’s crucifixion before he would rise from death two days later, celebrated on Easter Sunday.

This is basic knowledge in Christian circles, and though some might expect that children and those outside of the faith would fail to understand the somber nature of Good Friday, most would assume the President of the United States would grasp its meaning.

But these are strange times, and Donald Trump is president.

In an apparent attempt to reach out to his Evangelical base on Friday, the president tweeted, “HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY TO ALL!” — typed in all caps, implying there is reason to celebrate and almost throwing off party vibes.

Twitter users were immediate with their criticism.

“This is a solemn day for Christians. It's not called Happy Friday,” wrote CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart. “Like not knowing what the significance of Pearl Harbor was, I'd suggest the President doesn't know what happened on Good Friday according to the scriptures.”

Others chimed in as well:

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Trump is such an ignoramus and a complete fake. From his pancake orange skin to his mannequin dynel bottled blonde hair to resemble his Mommy's, not to mention the most obvious, his fake faith he claims to be a part of! Strange you never see him in a church! Even atheists know Good Friday is not a "Happy" time, it's a time for religious reflection, not celebration! STFU you POS!

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Trump Derangement Syndrome-- it's a terrible thing.

I was raised Southern Baptist, in South Georgia. I heard folks say this many times------------ in church. When I questioned why, I was told by the pastor that while we should consider the Agony of Christ, The Pain He Suffered and contemplate the Love He Showed for us, we should also celebrate His Acceptance of that suffering and his willingness to embrace death to save us.

Basically, this is such a petty point to nit-pick.
But while you're praying, pray for God to help you deal with your unChristian hate of Orange and for him to help you deal with your hypocrisy.

But then, I don't expect you'll do that.


So a pastor shared a different view about good Friday, and you heard other ignorant people say Happy Good Friday.... That is exactly the type of argument I would expect from someone defending the great American con-artist. And your use of protection was straight out of a psychology textbook! Pointing out hypocrisy while practicing Christianity and defending a person who displays the exact opposite behaviors and beliefs that your god demands. Seriously, just as you think others should examine their shortcomings (Trump-derangement syndrome), you should take an honest look at yourself and ponder how proud your god would be that you support a malignant narcissist. Here's an article, which you're likely not going to read, to supplement your self-enlightenment.


Assume much?
Clearly you need to learn the difference between critical thinking and self-serving psuedo-babble. You might also ponder the smug arrogance that masquerades as "Intelligence" and which is all too common among people such as you--- delusional biased morons.

First, to call any Protestant Christian belief "ignorant" is frankly religious bigotry; you might try understanding that entire "free will" thing (I'm not going to waste my time giving you the education you clearly lack). I find it interesting that you characterized those who've used that phrase as "ignorant".
Really? So, I'm being criticized by a smug bigot who can google up a link to pop psychology article?

Second, to claim as you're doing here that pointing out the hypocrisy of those wailing and condemning the Orange for his wishing people a "Happy Good Friday" as they curse and hurl insults at him is a Bad Thing and Should Never Happen is utter and complete bullshit. I suggest you take some classes in critical thinking and logic. (Again, I'm no longer paid to educate people and I suspect you're a lost cause in any event. You appear to be of the "Educated Classes" i.e., well indoctrinated and too arrogant to understand the difference).

  1. The assumptions in your little drivel are numerous; allow me to point out the first: noting that many others (whom presumably held far more sincere faith than Orange) over the years have used that phrase, isn't a blind defense of Trump, and only a TDS sufferer would assume it to be. It's a statement of fact (I forget, TDS sufferers hate facts).
    I also find it rather interesting that you make assumptions about what "my god" would expect. Again, critical thinking and reading comprehension are not things you appear to value.
    And one last point: I'm not a Trump supporter. Campaigned against the guy, I have stated many times his administration is a slow-moving train-wreck, and frequently post condemnations of his actions and words.
    But a distaste for the Orange is neither an excuse nor a reason to sit silently while hypocrites, morons, and TDS sufferers spew utter nonsense. If you think it is-- then you truly are a delusional moron.

Ok, who's hungry?


Trump is not a Christian and has no idea what good Friday means! He only pretends for the Evangicals. Besides I'm sure he's not welcome in church, except of course by the phony Christians


When has he ever been accused of being Christian?

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