In South Carolina, Graham’s Democratic Opponent Is Within Just 7-Points Of Him

Michael Vadon/CC BY 4.1/Wikimedia


Democrat Jaime Harrison is trailing Senator Lindsey Graham by just seven points in a recent poll.

The Democratic candidate challenging Senator Lindsey Graham in South Carolina is a mere seven points behind the Republican, recent polling shows.

According to McClatchy DC, polling conducted inside the state by Collective PAC — a national organization devoted to electing black candidates — revealed that Democrat Jaime Harrison is closing in on Graham.

McClatchy noted that seven points is “a surprisingly slim margin given the demographics of a state that elected President Donald Trump by nearly 14 percentage points in 2016.”

Voters polled between September 17 and 22 said in a potential 2020 matchup, they favored Graham over Harrison just 50-43.

The Democrat closed the already-small gap even further when voters were given a mission statement for each candidate:

“Lindsey is running to support President Trump, secure our border, and protect our economy from Democrats who want to take us back to the days of Barack Obama” while “Jaime will work with anyone ... because he knows that when your community needs help, character counts and party labels don’t matter.”

The same voters subsequently favored Graham just 49-47.

Harrison previously led South Carolina’s Democratic Party and is currently the associate chairman of the Democratic National Committee, McClatchy reported, helping frame the candidate “as the most viable Democrat in years to run for a U.S. Senate seat in South Carolina.”

McClatchy noted, however, that it is early in the election season and the poll results should be taken with caution.

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