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Roy Cohn was President Donald Trump's attorney during the late 1970's and into the 1980's.

The closing summation of the People vs. Dupont:

You saw Roy Cohn testify, you saw that face , star of the magazine covers. I suggest to you that when you looked at that face, you were looking at the face of very real evil. Evil can be charming. I mean if evil always came in a disgusting guise it would easy to recognize, it wouldn't be a much of a threat, would it? Evil can be witty, nothing saying that evil people are dumb. Evil can be cool, particularly when it marshals itself when it's vital interests are at stake. The face of evil can be quick and sharp, and can be smarter than any lawyer Richard Dupont can get. But the face of evil is a face of evil.

In many ways, Cohn was a surrogate father to Trump. Cohn took care of his legal problems and shared his 'wisdom' with him. Cohn often went beyond the legal limit for his clients, so much so, that he was eventually disbarred prior to succumbing from AIDS.

Recently, Trump asked his advisers, "where's my Roy Cohn?"

What did Trump mean by this?

He meant, where is my attorney who is willing to go to the mat for me? But, by that point, Cohn had long since passed into popular infamy.


Cohn was known for pushing aggressive tactics to the limits and beyond, especially for filing lawsuits and countersuits to bully his adversaries. In the last two decades of his career, he was investigated by federal authorities for perjury and witness-tampering, among other charges. In 1986, a panel of the New York State Supreme Court's Appellate Division disbarred Cohn for unethical and unprofessional conduct.

At the end of his life, Trump reportedly abandoned Cohn after learning that he was dying of AIDS. Cohn, however, was not surprised. When he learned of Trump's abandonment, he remarked, "Donald p**ses ice water."

Via The Week:

"Donald found out about it and just dropped him like a hot potato," Cohn's longtime secretary Susan Bell said. "It was like night and day." Cohn was reportedly stunned by the betrayal, after all he'd done for Trump. "Donald pisses ice water," he is quoted as saying in Barrett's 1992 book about Trump.