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A group of gay Republicans has asked Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to keep out of the Senate floor a broad piece of legislation that would protect LGBTQ rights against the religious right, according to LGBTQ Nation.

“We, the undersigned members of the gay community, formally ask that Leader McConnell never brings the Equality Act up for a vote in the United States Senate,” the petition reads.

Among those that signed the petition against the Equality Act is the former leader of the Log Cabin Republicans, a coalition of conservatives that advocates equal rights for LGBTQ individuals.

“While discrimination against LGBT Americans is wrong, and while legislation protecting against discrimination may yet be possible in the future, the Equality Act is so flawed and problematic that it should not be considered by the United States Senate,” the document continues.

The act has been attacked by the religious wing of the party because they claim it would ban religious exemptions to LGBTQ protections.

Some media personalities have joined Congress members in condemning the bill. Gay journalist Chadwick Moore said he wants legislators to know that “know gays have their back in condemning this awful legislation,” which is important for “anti-left, pro-individual, pro-small government, and pro-religious freedom” members of the LGBTQ community.

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