In Oregon, GOP Lawmaker Who Blocked Climate Change Vote Loses Home To Wildfire

Oregon state Sen. Fred Girod (R).


Oregon state Sen. Fred Girod helped block a vote on climate change in 2019. Now, he has lost his home to wildfires.

Oregon state Senator Fred Girod (R) previously blocked a vote on climate change. Now, his home has been destroyed by wildfires.

“Girod was one of 11 Oregon state senators who refused to turn up to the state Capitol in June 2019, which prevented quorum for a vote on climate change legislation," according to The Independent.

The bill was an attempt to pass a cap-and-trade proposal, which would set a limit on pollution and aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically by 2050 and help combat climate change in the state.

  • Girod’s decision to skip the vote, along with the other 10 GOP lawmakers, kept the 18 Democratic lawmakers from reaching quorum, which required 20 lawmakers to be present.
  • Fast forward to Monday: Oregon Live reported that Girod’s house fell victim to the wildfires devastating the West Coast.
  • Girod initially was turned away when he tried to visit the area to assess the damage.

Speaking to Oregon Live, Mr Girod said “it hurts,” but added: “My job is to know what’s happening in the district,” and “I need to be able to assess the damage.”


In response to the wildfires across the west coast, the Associated Press reported that scientists, along with the governors of Oregon, California and Washington, have all said that climate change is the reason for the widespread damage in recent weeks.

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