In Online Comments, Trump Judicial Pick Seems to Approve of Statutory Rape

Replying to an article about a 20-year-old babysitter having sex with a 14-year-old boy, Talley said, "Why not me!" (Image credit: YouTube/The Young Turks)

Buzzfeed's discovery of Brett Talley's alias on - a man Trump has nominated for an Alabama federal district court - shed light on the potential justice's views on numerous issues, one of which being his apparent approval of statutory rape.

On Sept. 13, 2011, a user with the handle rizolltizide posted a link to a***Daily Mail** story* headlined, “Nanny Diaries: Confiscated Journals Reveal 20-Year-Old Babysitter's Love for Boy, 14, and ‘Amazing’ Sex.” That user’s take on the article: “Don’t lie. You’d hit it, too.” Other users chimed in with “I’d be telling my parents to go out everynight” and “I would do that and pay for the sitter.” BamainBoston’s contribution came in the form of a three-word post: “Why not me!”