In One TX County, Everyone Who Was Accused Of Being A Non-Citizen Was A Citizen

Screengrab / KVUE / Youtube

The state of Texas is accusing people of not being citizens.

As reported by the Waco Tribune-Herald, when local election officials were given a list by the Texas Secretary of State’s Office of people who may not be citizens, the office immediately called to tell them to disregard the list, said Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe.

The state told Wolfe’s office that no one on the list was in question. On Friday the office was informed that they would need to contact the voters on the list for proof of citizenship, but by the time the list came on Monday, the secretary of the state backed off the request.

“They sent out a list and called us and said it was a mistake,” Van Wolfe said. “All those people have proven citizenship.”

Similarly, in the Houston area, the state flagged about 18,000 voters as potential non-citizens.

Harris County special assistant district attorney Douglas Ray said that he expects more mistakes will be found as the state revisits claims that tens of thousand of illegal ballots could have been cast since 1996.

Verifying voter information is a daily process, according to Van Wolfe. Residents register when they get a driver’s license, when they get welfare, and a variety of other measures.

Williamson County Elections Administrator Chris Davis said that over half of the 2,033 voters on the county’s list were being removed.