In Oklahoma, Textbooks Are So Old That One Student Has Blake Shelton’s

DoD News/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

Blake Shelton had possession of the same book in 1982, 36 years ago.

As attention is focused on Oklahoma teachers, who descended upon the state capitol this week demanding increased school funding, one student in particular has garnered some attention of her own.

Why? Because Oklahoma's textbooks are so sold, she is using one that country music artist Blake Shelton used in 1982.

One of the more enduring images of Oklahoma's teacher's walkout this week has been students who bring their old, worn out and tattered textbooks to the Capitol to show legislators what they're working with in the classroom.

Some have missing covers, missing pages or broken bindings. But none of them were likely used by an Oklahoma country music star. But one Ada student is doing just that. Shelly Parker posted a picture of her daughter Marley proudly holding up a textbook that had been used by Blake Shelton way back in 1982. Shelton is now 41.