In Ohio, Grade Schoolers Were Asked To Sell Raffles For An Assault Rifle


Heather Chilton said her 7-year-old daughter brought home raffle tickets for an AM-15 optic ready rifle.

A mother and father in Ohio were disturbed to find out that their 7-year-old daughter would be selling raffle tickets for an assault rifle to raise money for her cheer squad.

The tickets are being sold by the Junior Lions Cheer Team, and Heather Chilton said the raffle — which boasts an AM-15 optic ready rifle prize — is “absurd.”

“This is absurd, you’re having elementary kids sell your AR-15. Why?” Chilton told FOX19. “I highly doubt that something would happen with the gun, but say it did. Say one of the kids in the high school got a hold of it — got the AR-15 or AM-15 and shot up a school with it, and I’m the one that sold the raffle ticket to his dad?”

In July, Chilton received an email indicating “that all the members of the cheer team would be required to sell five AM-15 raffle tickets and five gift basket raffle tickets for $10 each to help raise money for the football and cheer programs.”

The mother thought raffling off a semi-automatic rifle in light of the mass shooting problem in the United States was unbelievable, so she turned to the president of New Richmond Junior Lions Football Inc., Robert Wooten.

Speaking with FOX19, Wooten said he understood that parents might be concerned and said they do not have to sell the tickets..

“They are not obligated. They are not required to participate in the gun raffle. We do suggest it," he said. “We recommend it just because the money we receive is obviously needed for us to continue to provide sports for our community.”

The organization has been selling raffle tickets for a rifle for four years now, Wooten noted, but due to current circumstances, they are considering making a change.


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