In New Zealand, New Political Party Concerned Gays Behind Rash Of Earthquakes

Michael Adcock / Pexels / CC0

The Tamakis, an infamous New Zealand church couple, are running for Parliament.

New Zealand’s Destiny Church Pastor Brian Tamako and his wife Hannah are infamous for their various media scandals, reports the Friendly Atheist.

In 2014, they used funds from church to buy a personal Audi Q7, worth over $75,000 USD. That same year, they made the news for throwing cash onto the church stage, as if they were celebrating a lottery win. The following year, they flaunted their expensive vacations to the world.

In 2016, they voiced concerns that earthquakes were caused by gay people and murderers. Finally, in 2017, the Destiny Church lost its tax-exempt status, because it had failed to file tax returns.

Now, the Tamakis have announced that they are launching a new political party, called Coalition New Zealand, to campaign for Hannah Tamaki’s election to parliament.

Marijuana legalization, euthanasia, and late-term abortion are topics that Hannah Tamaki is focusing her party around.

“I am fed up with the level of censorship growing around the issues that face our nation. The persecution that comes with daring to have an opinion or view that does not fit the leftist agenda.” Tamaki also said she is “pro-life” and would like to see abortion made illegal in New Zealand.

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