In New Book, Junior Blasts ‘Victimhood’ While Also Proclaiming Himself A Victim

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Donald Trump Jr.'s new book perfectly demonstrates the dearth of self-awareness among members of the Trump family.

Donald Trump Jr.’s new book purports to take aim at a culture of victimhood that pervades the political left, but in reality, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us” merely shifts victimhood from its perceived place among Democrats to the Trump family itself.

The book reportedly contains numerous rants against President Donald Trump’s political rivals and detractors, and complains at length about the attacks against his family that the president’s son perceives as driven by political correctness.

In one instance, Trump Jr. laments the backlash to his tweet comparing Syrian refugees to a bowl of Skittles containing a few that “would kill you,” Business Insider reported.

"As metaphors go, I didn't think it was so terrible ... I was immediately labeled a soulless monster and, of course, a white supremacist (the left's go-to)," he wrote. "You would have thought by the response from the left that I had murdered the Easter Bunny. It was an analogy that put our problem into perspective. Just numbers, folks."

He also compares the investigations into his father’s questionable activities — and even his own actions during the 2016 election, most notably the infamous Trump Tower meeting — as a “deep state” effort to undermine Trump’s presidency.

Trump Jr. goes so far as to compare his father’s experiences with the FBI’s efforts against Martin Luther King Jr., writing, "If you don't think something like that could ever happen, consider this: it's happened before — to, of all people, Martin Luther King Jr.”

"After living through the past three years, can you honestly say that anything has really changed?" the younger Trump wondered. "Or is it more of the same?"

The political right “has “completely ceded control of what we can and cannot say in public to the left,” he wrote at another point, according to The Guardian. Trump Jr. is a victim of PC culture, he said: “I’m essentially not allowed to have an opinion any more, let alone express that opinion in public.”

Such a statement spurred The Guardian to ask, “Is that the same Donald Trump Jr who has 4 million Twitter followers? The Donald Trump Jr who was talked about 5,546 times in major US news outlets in the past year alone?”

This “victimhood complex” that Trump Jr. claims “has taken root in the American left” surely seems to have found a home in his book as well — where he, his father and nearly every other member of his family are incessantly victimized by Democrats, liberals, the “deep state” and anyone else who takes issue with Trump’s agenda and lies.

Trump Jr.’s book perfectly demonstrates the Trump family’s pervasive lack of self-awareness — from deriding the “elite,” of which they are a part, to claiming victimhood while blasting PC culture to accusing others of the very corruption they display themselves.

Taking a break from blasting former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, over debunked allegations of profiting from office, Trump gave a shout out to his son on Twitter last week, hawking his new book:

“A great new book that I highly recommend for ALL to read,” the president tweeted to his 66.6 million followers. “Go order it!”


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