In Michigan, Thousands Of Absentee Voters Received Wrong Instructions

Nadya Peek/CC BY 2.0/Flickr

About 5,000 absentee voters in Michigan were mailed wrong instructions for voting in the upcoming midterm election.

Thousands of absentee voters in Michigan were sent instructions for voting a straight-party ticket by mistake — an option that is not available in the upcoming midterm election.

According to The Associated Press, about 5,000 ballots went out before the mistake was noticed, which Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus blamed on the vendor involved.

However, Dreyfus also acknowledged the error should have been caught by his office prior to mailing the ballots to voters.

The township posted a notice regarding the error on its website, the AP said.

> A federal appeals court last month revived Michigan's ban on straight-party voting . Voters must go line by line if they want to vote for candidates in partisan races. In the past, a single mark could automatically count for candidates of a single party, from governor to county commissioner.