In March, Erik Prince Hosted A Fundraiser For A Pro-Kremlin Congressman

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Erik Prince, who is currently under scrutiny by Robert Mueller's team, is fundraising for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

Erik Prince, the founder of military contracting firm Blackwater, will be hosting a fundraiser for the pro-Russia Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, even as Prince is in the crosshairs of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation for possibly trying to establish a back channel connection with Russia for President Donald Trump.

Via CNN:

Prince and Rohrabacher have been friends and mutual supporters for years: Prince interned for the California congressman on Capitol Hill in 1990, and Rohrabacher vigorously defended Prince when Blackwater faced congressional scrutiny during President George W. Bush's administration.

The fundraising event, slated for March 18 at Prince's Middleburg, Virginia residence, is expected to be attended by GOP Reps. Tom Garrett Jr. and Dave Brat, and Lt. Colonel Oliver North, according to an invitation obtained by CNN. Tickets start at $1,000 for the general reception, although donors paying $2,700 will also be invited to attend a VIP event beforehand.

Apart from his fundraising efforts, Prince is also tied up with Mueller's investigation of a meeting he took last year in the Seychelles Islands -- a trip he told Congress was unrelated to communications between the Trump transition and Russia.

Prince, an associate of President Donald Trump, is confronting renewed questions regarding a January 2017 trip to the Seychelles islands, where he met with a Russian banker, Kirill Dmitriev and Emirati officials. Also in attendance was George Nader, a Middle East specialist with ties to Emirati leaders. Nader is now cooperating with Mueller's investigation, CNN has learned.

Rohrabacher is one of few lawmakers who show support for Russia, earning him the ire of both Democrats and Republicans.

In the past, he has dismissed claims of Russia's human right violations as "baloney," publicly defended WikiLeaks and argued that the DNC was not hacked by Russia.

Rohrabacher met with the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, for a private interview in December 2017.

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