In Maine, Susan Collins Approval Rating Is Down 17-Points From Last Spring

Screengrab / CBS News / Youtube

Maine Senator Susan Collins' approval rating drops, according to a new poll.

New polls show that Senator Susan Collins’ approval rating has dropped dramatically from this time last year, reports News Center Maine.

A Critical Insights tracking poll released last Thursday shows that Senator COllins has an approval rating of 41%, which is down 10 points from last fall’s 51% and last spring’s 58%. Furthermore, a plurality of 42% of Maine citizens are likely to disapprove of her, compared to the 41% who are likely to approve.

However, Critical insight’s poll numbers differ drastically from Pan Atlantic’s recent results, whose spring 2019 poll showed Collins at 62% favorable, as well as Morning Consult’s, which show Collins at Maine's 52% favorable.

Annie Clark, spokesperson for Collins, responded to the Critical Insights poll on Friday, calling it an outlier.

"We don’t put much stock in any one poll. But I would note that the methodology of this one -- including the fact that it was done over several weeks and that it included a significant online component -- is different than you traditionally see with public polls."

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