In Letter, Georgia Prosecutor Said Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing Was Justified

A still image of a portion of Barnhill's letter, as shared by Exavier Pope on Twitter.Screengrab / Exavier Pope / Twitter


Arbery's mother is "very discouraged" while a DA claims Arbery’s shooter “legally and properly” defended himself.

In a letter to the Glynn County Police Department, District Attorney George E. Barnhill of the Waycross District expressed his opinion that the men involved in the shooting and death of Ahmaud Arbery should not be arrested.

Exavier Pope, Forbes contributor and attorney and owner of The Pope Law Firm as reported by LawZam, posted images of the full letter to his Twitter account on May 6, 2020.

First Coast News and the New York Times report that Arbery was dead by the time Glynn County police arrived on the scene. Police spoke with Gregory McMichael, named as a witness.

McMichael said that there had been several break-ins in his neighborhood, and he thought Arbery looked like the suspect. When he saw Arbery running down the street on February 23, he asked his son Travis to accompany him in confronting Arbery.

The Times writes that according to friends, Arbery "loved" to run, and that it was common to see him running around the outskirts of town.

McMichael’s report goes on to say that he and his son brought a handgun and shotgun with them because they “didn’t know if Arbery was armed or not.”

The McMichaels got into a truck and drove in pursuit of Arbery. Gregory McMichael said that they attempted to cut Arbery off, but he ran in the other direction. They continued pursuit and shouted, “stop, stop, we want to talk to you.”

Gregory McMichael pulled up next to Arbery, and Travis stepped out of the vehicle with his shotgun.

The McMichaels claim that at that point, Arbery attacked Travis, and the two men began to fight over the gun. Travis then fired a shot, and a second later there was a second shot.

In the video, the second shot takes place while Arbery and Travis are out of the visible frame of the camera. After they reenter the visible frame, there is a third shot while Arbery and Travis are fighting. Arbery then begins to jog away from the McMichaels. After a few steps, he collapses.

Barnhill refers to Georgia state law and a video of the incident (viewer discretion is advised as it portrays the shooting event).

Barnhill claims the McMichaels had “solid first hand probable cause” that Arbery had committed burglary and so were in “hot pursuit” of him as a suspect (Barnhill places the phrase in quotation marks in his letter but does not make explicit who he is referencing). Barnhill writes, “it appears their intent was to stop and hold this criminal suspect until law enforcement could arrive. Under Georgia law, this is perfectly legal.”

Barnhill also claims that the death was a matter of justified self-defense. He claims that the video portrays Arbery instigating the skirmish with Travis McMichael and writes,

…at the point Arbery grabbed the shotgun, under Georgia Law [sic], McMichael was allowed to use deadly force to protect himself… Arbery’s mental health records and prior convictions help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man.

Neither McMichael has been arrested as of May 6, 2020.

Wanda Cooper, Arbery’s mother, said to First Coast News that she is “feeling very discouraged at this point.”

“I just think about how they could allow these two men to kill my son and not be arrested, that’s what I can’t understand,” she said.

Cooper’s attorney in the case, Lee Merritt, is skeptical of the McMichaels’ justification under the citizen’s arrest statute in Georgia.

Barnhill cites the statute in his letter. It reads,

a private person may arrest an offender if the offense is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge. If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion.

Merritt told First Coast, “We have no reason to believe that either actor here, Travis or Gregory observed a crime.”

Michael J. Moore, an Atlanta lawyer who formerly served as a U.S. attorney in Georgia, reviewed the police report and Barnhill’s letter at the request of the New York Times. He said, “The law does not allow a group of people to form an armed posse and chase down an unarmed person who they believe might have possibly been the perpetrator of a past crime.”

Barnhill’s letter mentions that he is recusing himself from the case because Cooper “clearly expressed she wants myself and my office off the case” in light of alleged “kinships between the parties” and “allegations of bias.”

First Coast News also reports that “McMichael… worked several years for the Brunswick Police Department before working as an investigator in the Brunswick District Attorney’s Office.”

Barnhill’s son “works in the Brunswick District Attorney’s Office where Greg McMichael retired some time ago,” as Barnhill writes in the letter. Although he still recused himself, he asserts that there are no kinship ties and that the allegations of bias are “unfounded.”

Merritt remains concerned by the McMichaels' ties to the law enforcement community. He said to First Coast that he hopes for a " full, thorough independent investigation, preferably by the GBI [Georgia Bureau of Investigation]."

On May 6, First Coast reported that the case has been passed on to Hinesville District Attorney Tom Durden.

The Baltimore Sun writes that Arbery's only criminal record is of a shoplifting conviction and probation violation in 2018. Outside of that, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that The Brunswick News claims Arbery was indicted in 2013 on allegations that he took a handgun to a high school basketball game, but not that the case went any further than that.

Merritt has said that referencing "alleged conduct from high school or shoplifting is absurd and has nothing to do with [Arbery's] murder."

The Sun also writes that although Barhnill claimed Arbery “had mental health issues… he does not elaborate on this point.”

First Coast News writes that Arbery graduated from Brunswick High School in 2012 and went on to attend South Georgia Technical College. Cooper said Arbery was working toward a career as an electrician.

The Post-Gazette also reports that Ahmaud Arbery's father Marcus Arbery, Sr. said, "I just want people to know that he was a very good young man and he loved the people and I just want people to remember him as a good-hearted young man."

Marcus Arbery added, "To see him just get lynched like that by a racial mob is devastating to our family."

Read Barnhill’s letter here.

Watch the video here. Viewer discretion is advised.

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a lot of this article had nothing to do with the law, these two men did not witness a crime, did they call police? Did they discuss killing someone? Does the decedent have any rights when someone pulls out a gun, and you are un armed? Was it reasonable to think when you pulled the gun that you could be killed?


It seems to me that white America's favorite go to line is "he looked like a burglar/a lot of break-ins in the area/he looks suspicious/I was scared/he was running/he appeared aggressive/I felt afraid”. So with that being said somewhere there must be old Jim Crow antebellum laws on the books that convey the idea of killing a black person is ok without fear of repercussion. That would in turn make Washington DC capable and malicious in accepting the free killing of blacks in America from day one. I mean for God's sake we can look at all the presidents and all the millions of laws that are on the books and we all understand how racist America is and always has been and always will be and the powers-that-be have always been in favor of oppressive laws towards blacks. Every president has accepted/turned a blind eye/made an ignorant comment towards black people with the exception of maybe one. We all understand the racial disparity in the judicial system from the redlining of neighborhoods to the way blacks are treated at banks..etc There is hate all over this country... But one thing you never see is a black person killing an unarmed white person or a black cop killing an unarmed white person or a white cop descalating an armed black situation in the same manner you see white cops descalate a white situation. AmeriKa-Ka-Ka

Tiantae Sampson
Tiantae Sampson

It’s absolutely hilarious that they bring up the criminal record. They want you as people to feel “okay” with these two white men killing this innocent black man by making him out to be a criminal in “some way, shape or fashion”. So that way you feel these men have done a justice by taking him off of the street. That has ZERO to do with him being gunned down while running. You do not get to chase someone down and cut them off in your vehicle, proceed to get out of the car with weapons and expect someone to just stand there and not try and fight for their lives while unarmed in GA after being followed by two white men in a truck. No.


I don't believe these guys ..innocent boy shot down because he is black.We don't all look alike.just a bunch of racist thats all!!


In the US regardless of what state, "We The People" are protected from criminal activity, which is what this was a criminal act with also civil consequences. We have a system called Due Process. This process of law gives NO ONE black, white, red, yellow, the right to murder a man because you THINK he committed a crime. These actors acted outside of their jurisdiction and took the law into their own hands. Therefore, deserving to be punished by the system that is in place to stop these Hate Crimes with a judge and jury or judge by the many Americans that are fed up with begging idiots to treat us like human beings. If no justice is given, we all suffer. Do the right thing GDA office or in part, I am sure the residents of your state can find other places to spend their money. Georgia residents do not allow them to get away with this if you do there will be more to come. DO NOT BE COWARDS stop depending on a few of us to get things done! It's time for All hands on deck!!


What this country needs is a million armed Black Men march




Please remind me never to set foot in that racist and backward state. I mind get shot at for having a sound mind!


he was murdered for being black in public, by two racist hillbillies.

Seriously wtf
Seriously wtf

Another utter load of white-washed bullshit. I don't care about their false protestations of a lack of bias. They're trained liars, every one of them.

Seriously wtf
Seriously wtf

So, according to this article, we have a legal right to track these crackers down and kill them in cold blood, because we KNOW that they committed a crime. That's what I'm reading here.

Or does this only apply to black people?

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