In Leaked Recordings, GOP Lawmaker Heard Making Racist, Homophobic Remarks

Screengrab / IL House GOP / YouTube


State Rep. Amy Grant said her opponent is "just another one of those Cook County people," which is code for Black.

Illinois state Rep. Amy Grant (R) was recorded making racist and homophobic remarks about her Democratic opponent, Ken Mejia-Beal, who is both Black and openly gay.

Grant made the comments during a fundraising phone call with a prospective donor, ABC 7 reported, which she knew was being recorded.

"He's just another one of those Cook County people. That's all you're going to vote for is the Cook County, you know another Black caucus," she says.

"I'm afraid he's afraid of the reaction people might give him," Grant says. "Not because he's Black. But because of the way he talks. He's all LGBTQ."

ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington said, "Mentioning Cook County is just a code word for Black.”

Grant later said in a statement, "I deeply regret the comments I made about Ken Mejia-Beal, and reached out to apologize this morning. These comments do not reflect my heart or my faith."

Listen to the recording:

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