In Kansas, Republican Leader Openly Says GOP Must Rig Redistricting

Screengrab / Susan Wagle / YouTube


State Senate President Susan Wagle openly said Republicans need to win so they can gerrymander to protect their seats.

The Kansas City Star editorial board highlighted on Friday that state Senate President Susan Wagle committed a major gaffe last month when she openly said Republicans need a supermajority so they can protect themselves by gerrymandering the district map.

  • Wagle made the remarks while speaking to a conservative group called the Wichita Pachyderm Club, video of which was uploaded to Facebook.

Republicans need to win two-thirds majorities in both houses of the Kansas Legislature this year, Wagle told an unmasked, un-distanced audience.

To fully fund schools, or make health insurance more accessible? To make the state safer in the COVID-19 pandemic? To help the economy?

  • “No,” the editorial board wrote. “Wagle wants supermajorities in both houses so her party can rig the redistricting process to elect and protect Republican candidates.”
  • “During redistricting, I need to give (my potential successor) some more Republican neighborhoods in order to make sure she stays elected,” Wagle said in the video.

“I guarantee you, we can draw four Republican congressional maps,” Wagle said. “But we can’t do it unless we have a two-thirds majority in the (state) Senate and the House.”

  • The board wrote that the lawmaker made clear that she, “and others who share her views, have no interest in fair representation or political balance.”

They want to protect themselves and will gleefully gerrymander to do so. The only way to stop them is to elect fair-minded Republicans and Democrats willing to oppose it.

Read the full editorial.

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Lime Basil
Lime Basil

APARENTLY cheating is what both corporate parties must do to win. The dncorp are really not better than the rncorp and tRUMP!

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