In Iowa, Ex-GOP County Chairman Pleads Guilty To Felonious Incest

The former Chairman of Warren County Republicans, Rick Halvorsen, of Iowa, has pleaded guilty to felonious incest.

The former Chairman of Warren County Republicans, Rick Halvorsen, of Iowa, has pleaded guilty to felonious incest.

It is alleged that Halvorsen attempted to perform sex acts on his adult biological daughter in 2016. The law treated Halvorsen’s daughter as a victim of the former Chairman; she was not a willing participant of her father's sexual advances. The victim is 33-years old.

Halvorsen served as Warren County Republican Chairman from 2014 to March 2017.

Halvorsen explained his interest in becoming Chairman of the Warren County Republicans in his official bio:

“At this time I have a burning desire to help put limits back on government in as many ways as possible because I believe that the meddling of our government in places they shouldn’t have been meddling is a great part of why our economy has crashed,” Halvorsen wrote. “I feel that all of the life experiences I have lived through all these years will lend itself well to me someday should I decide to run for an elected office in the future, but for now my goal is to help take back control of the Republican Party from those who have hijacked it and don’t have the values in mind that were in the forefront when the Republican (sic) was started.”

In late 2017, Halvorsen pleaded guilty to felonious incest. He was sentenced to probation and a suspended sentence. He was not charged with a 'forcible' crime and thus will not be required to register as a sex offender. Halvorsen will have 'unfettered' access to his grandchildren.

His daughter told investigators back in May her father had inappropriately touched her on one occasion, and asked her to have sex. Halvorsen admitted to both incidents during an interview with a Warren County sheriff's deputy, according to court documents, but he said he was joking with his daughter when he said she should have sex with him. Halvorsen will also be granted unfettered access to his grandchildren.

Halvorsen's 33-year-old daughter, who accused him of incest, wrote a letter to the judge stating the man who was supposed to love, protect and guide her came on to her sexually.

"It doesn't matter how old I was," she wrote, "this was confusing, upsetting and disturbing. I feel he deserves prison and to be on the sex offender registry."