In Georgia, GOP Sec. Of State. Against Using Paper Ballots For Voting

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.Screengrab/North Fulton Chamber/YouTube

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp called the introduction of paper ballots a liberal conspiracy theory.

Officials in Georgia are bickering over how to update the state's voting process. After GOP candidate for governor and current Lt. Governor Casey Cagle voiced support for moving to a paper ballot system, Republican candidate and current Secretary of State Brian Kemp accused Cagle of siding with "liberal conspiracy theorists".

"I know it's an election year. I know there's a lot of rhetoric being tossed around. There are a group of us, on a bipartisan basis, that are trying to work beyond the politics and focus on policy," said State Rep. Scot Turner (R).

Cagle's campaign manager, Scott Binkley, said Kemp's "liberal conspiracy" comment was unfortunate:

"70 percent of voters in this country vote with a paper trail. The only conspiracy to me is why we haven't done this in our state yet."

But the back-and-forth continued:

Kemp's camp responded, saying, "What should concern Georgia voters is the radical left and their efforts to end voter ID, citizenship check and list maintenance."

In the meantime, Georgia will make use of its more than 15-year-old voting system for upcoming November elections.