In Fox’s Funhouse Mirror World, Robert Mueller Is A “Threat To Our Democracy"

Fox's Tucker Carlson said special counsel Robert Mueller is "the most powerful man elected by nobody."

As reported by The Hill, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has called special counsel Robert Mueller “a threat to our democracy” on Monday night.

He asks why Mueller should be “the single most powerful person in America and yet nobody voted for him.”

He continued, “Nobody in Washington catches the irony in any of this. Mueller himself is a threat to our democracy, the most powerful man elected by nobody.”

“Nobody controls Robert Mueller,” Carlson also said. “Mueller can send armed men to your home to roust you from bed at gunpoint just because he feels like it, and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it.”

Mueller’s probe has investigated the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Last week, he filed legal charges against Trump’s informal advisor, Roger Stone. Stone’s house was then raided by the FBI and he was arrested.

Mueller asked that charges against Stone be kept secret until he was arrested, as there was a “risk of the defendant fleeing and destroying (or tampering with) evidence.”

"Longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone was arrested on Friday by federal agents and charged with seven felonies,” Carson said on his program. “None of the charges had anything to do with Russian collusion or election meddling, but you'd never know that from the penalties he faces.”

Carson continued, “If convicted, Stone could die in prison. Nobody in Washington seems to find that punishment excessive. Many have cheered it.”

“Officially Stone was charged with lying, something most of our political elite engage in every day. But his real crime was flamboyance. Stone has spent the last 40 years giving the finger to the people in charge. In the end, they got him.”

Stone was indicted on seven counts, including obstruction of justice in connection with Mueller’s probe into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia’s election interference.

On Thursday he pleaded not guilty.

Stone compared his own arrest to that of “bin Laden or El Chapo or Pablo Escobar,” The Washington Post reported.The arrest was characterized as “textbook” by former law enforcement agents.