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On Friday, President Donald Trump called into Fox News to talk about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who had all charges from the Mueller investigation against him dropped. In the call, Trump talked about Jeff Session and how “very weak and very sad” he was when Russia was mentioned.

When the Fox Host asked if things would have been different if Bill Barr had been attorney general during the investigation, Trump jumped into a rant about his “obligation” to hire Sessions and how he had “learned a lot from Richard Nixon”:

“But I learned a lot from Richard Nixon: don’t fire people. I learned a lot. I study history, and the firing of everybody, I should have in one way, but I’m glad I didn’t because look at the way it turned out. They’re all a bunch of crooks and they got caught. But I learned a lot by watching Richard Nixon.

“Of course there was one difference — one big difference — number one he may have been guilty and number two he had tapes all over the place. I wasn’t guilty, I did nothing wrong, and there are no tapes, but I wish there were tapes in my case. But I learned a lot from Richard Nixon.

“They were ratting on each other, they were going crazy, it was like throwing a rock at a hornets nest. Had I not fired him I probably wouldn’t be speaking to you right now, other than maybe I’d be talking to you about the private sector because I’d be in the private sector had I not, because this was a takeover.

Who but Trump would conjure the image of Richard Nixon in a positive light? Contrary to Trump’s statements, he has fired numerous people in his administration over his few years in office.

Roger Stone, who served as an advisor to the Trump campaign in 2016, had always compared Trump to Nixon, whom he also supported. The two presidents share a fair bit in common; from threats of impeachment trials, to their party association.

Nixon created a springboard for many individuals who would come to undermine the fabric of America; Roger Stone, Karl Rove, and Roger Ailes (the creator of Fox News). Seeing who Trump supports and gives prominent positions to, it’s clear he’ll also be a springboard for careers that will darken the halls of the White House.

Listen to the Segment Here.