In Fox Clip, A Republican Senator Compares Donald Trump to Thomas Jefferson


Sen. Kennedy drew parallels between Trump’s impeachment inquiry and quarrels between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr.

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy compared President Trump to Thomas Jefferson in a Fox News segment, claiming that it was because Jefferson had Aaron Burr investigated for treason and was his political rival. 

“Some of my friends in mainstream media laugh at me when I say this, but Thomas Jefferson prosecuted Aaron Burr and investigated him, a political rival, for treason,” the Republican senator said. 

“I can tell you based on my conversations with the president, he honestly believes that the investigation needs to go forward,” Kennedy added. 

The grounds for this comparison don’t quite seem to line up. At the beginning of the 19th century, Aaron Burr attempted to detach the Western states and the Louisiana Territory from the Union. Donald Trump is being investigated for seeking foreign interference to further his reelection cause. 

Watch the clip here.


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