In Ex-Wife’s Prenup, Trump Said He’d Cut Daughter Off If She Joined The Military

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Donald Trump's prenup with his second wife stipulated that child support would end if his daughter joined the military.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported last year that Donald Trump’s prenuptial agreement with his second wife, Marla Maples, included the stipulation that he would end child support early if their daughter Tiffany joined the military or the Peace Corps.

Even Donald Trump realized that, when it comes to romance, a prenup is a buzzkill. “A prenuptial is a horrible document,” he once told a reporter, “because it says, ‘When we get divorced, this is the way we’ll split things up.’ And when you’re a believer in positive thinking, it isn’t good. But it’s a modern-day necessity.”


More than anything, the prenup shows how fiercely Trump wanted to protect the money he did have. Maples reportedly wanted $25 million, but Trump agreed to pay her only $1 million if they separated within five years, plus another $1 million to buy a house. Trump also would stop making $100,000 child support payments for Tiffany when she turned 21. The agreement states that Trump’s payments would cease earlier if Tiffany got a full-time job, enlisted in the military, or joined the Peace Corps. “The way it was drawn up is ironclad and shows how wary he was,” Felder told me after reviewing the prenup. “He was leaving nothing to chance.”

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Seriously wtf
Seriously wtf

Greedy, cowardly, and lazy.

But the gold digger committed adultery to get him. Both of them are trash, as far as I'm concerned.


Clickbait headline unworthy of the site. The reported prenup cut off child support if Tiffany got an independent source of income, including military enlistment as one such source. That in itself is a bone-headed stipulation ("Who would discourage their kid from getting a job?" and other issues). Headlines like this one feed the false narrative that all criticism of the president is fake news.

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