In Escalating Public Drama, Missouri’s First Lady Attacks Husband’s Ex-Mistress

Missouri governor Eric Greitens and his wife Sheena Greitens dance to the Missouri Waltz during the inaugural ball in Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 9, 2017.Missouri National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Patrick P. Evenson/Public Domain

Gov. Eric Greitens is alleged to have bound his former mistress, taken compromising photos, and threatened blackmail.

The drama surrounding Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R) generated new interest over the weekend by way of letter accusing his former mistress’s ex-husband of stalking the governor’s family.

The letter was penned by Greiten’s wife, Sheena Greiten, and addressed to the special committee of the Missouri Legislature established to investigate allegations that the governor engaged in sexual misconduct with the woman.

In the April 6 letter, a copy of which was obtained Saturday by the Washington Examiner, Sheena Greitens alleges that she and her family were the targets of an “escalating campaign of harassment and spying” over a two year period. Gov. Greitens’ accuser and the name of her ex-husband have not been made public.

“He put real effort into this,” Sheena Greitens writes in the letter, detailing the ex-husband’s alleged stalking conducted prior to revelations about Gov. Greitens’ extramarital affair and the allegations of sexual misconduct that followed.

“When I didn’t respond to his anonymous emails, he sent me a letter,” Sheena Greitens said. “When a letter to me didn’t produce the desired response, he contacted my parents. When letters didn’t satisfy him, he made his accusations public on Twitter. And finally, when targeting our family on social media didn’t fulfill his agenda, he secretly recorded his wife admitting to the affair and began shopping the audio tape to news outlets.”

The governor's former mistress and her ex-husband have accused Greitens of taking compromising photos of her while she was bound and then threatening her with blackmail.

Greitens previously acknowledged the affair but has maintained that allegations of abuse and blackmail are fabricated.

Related to those charges, Greitens in February was indicted on charges of first-degree felony invasion of privacy in a Missouri circuit court. The governor has been defiant, resisting calls to resign, including from some Republicans. Greitens and his legal team have denied all charges of wrongdoing and labeled the legal action against him a witch hunt.

Sheena Greitens also used the letter to argue that the accuser’s story is inaccurate and chastises the media for failing to look into the allegations more thoroughly:

“Mr. S claimed that my husband was with his ex-wife, and hit her, while I was in the hospital giving birth,” Sheena Greitens writes in the letter. “Nothing like that ever happened — and both Mr. S and his ex-wife know it. I know, because Eric was with me during the birth of both of our children. (As the women reading this will know, labor and delivery is not a process in which one misplaces a husband without noticing.)”

“And it wasn’t just that Eric was with me,” Sheena Greitens adds. “The affair took place in a different year than the ones in which our children were born. That this story was a flat-out lie should have been obvious, but the news outlets ran it without checking basic facts. What makes me deeply angry about this is that Mr. S and his ex-wife, have allowed this public lie to stand for months, while I have had to explain to my closest friends that Eric had not, in fact, missed the birth of either of our sons. It was a terrible lie, and it turned a private, joyful moment—the birth of our child—into a public, malicious distortion.”