In Email, Trump Official Discussed Manipulating Census To Boost White Electorate

Census chief of staff encouraged a citizenship question on the census in order to help the white electorate.

According to columnist Catherine Rampell, Census chief of staff Christa Jones has discussed manipulating the census in favor of the white electorate.

In 2015, Jones corresponded with GOP redistricting expert Thomas Hofeller on her private email. In that same year, Hofeller had conducted a study revealing that a question on the census about citizenship would help the Republican party.

In Jones’s emails to Hofeller, she informed him of a Federal Register notice for comment on the Census Bureau’s 2015 Content Test. In one email, she says, this could “be an opportunity to mention citizenship as well.”

Jones was also on emails concerning redistricting along with other Republican operatives.

Read Rampell’s tweet here.