In Desperate Political Gamble, Trump Chooses To Endanger Evangelical Supporters

Artivia Tahir

The White House has restricted CDC guidelines on the reopening of religious spaces

The White House has overruled CDC guidelines regarding the reopening of churches and other religious spaces out of concerns of angering white Evangelicals, one of President Donald Trump’s key support groups.

  • Business Insider reported that the CDC issued guidelines this past week on the safe reopening of various aspects of society such as schools, restaurants, and childcare facilities, but the mention of religious institutions was noticeably absent.
  • The Trump Administration has been worried that restrictive measures on the reopening of churches, such as limits on hymnals and the size of choirs, would upset Trump’s religious supporters, three sources within the administration told The Washington Post.

"You're talking about that group that is really vulnerable to this virus, and those are the ones you don't have guidelines for and that you need to protect," Tara Smith, an epidemiology professor at Kent State University, told The Post.

Church closures have emerged as one of the points of contention between the White House and state government as Trump seeks a quick drawback of social distancing measures, while local authorities have preferred to take a more cautious approach.

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