In DC, Street Outside Russian Embassy Renamed For Anti-Putin Activist

Embassy of Russia, Washington D.C.Kent Wang/Flickr

Russian politicians, one of whom called the decision a "dirty trick", were displeased with the move.

A decision by Washington D.C. city council members to rename the street home to Russia's embassy has ruffled feathers in Russia.

The city council voted to rename the street outside Russia's embassy complex after Boris Nemtsov, who was shot outside the Kremlin in 2015.

A statement from the council said the decision to honour the "slain democracy activist" passed unanimously.

Nemtosv, who was openly critical of President Vladimir Putin, was shot outside the Kremlin in 2015. Some in Russia were displeased with the city council's decision:

Russia's Interfax news agency quoted the leader of the nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, as saying US authorities "specifically want to play dirty tricks in front of the Russian Embassy".

Another politician from the Communist Party, Dmitry Novikov, told the agency: "The US authorities have long been absorbed in their own game of interfering in Russian internal affairs."