In CNN Interview, Bernie Sanders Appears Unwilling To Release His Tax Returns

Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared uncomfortable when CNN asked if he would release tax returns ahead of the 2020 election.

In a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer on Monday, Bernie Sanders was asked if and when he would release his tax returns, which were never released from 2016. Sanders responded with discomfort, assuring Blitzer, “You’ll see them soon.”

Jennifer Rubin noted in a Washington Post opinion piece that the last time Sanders failed to release his tax returns, his excuse was that didn’t end up getting the nomination for president. Now, the next primary season is upon us and he continues to say that he’ll release them “soon” because “we have to do just a few more little things.”

Another excuse Sanders offered is that he and his wife don’t have “accountants at home” and his wife does most of the work herself. But Rubin noted that the excuse holds little weight, as ten years of prior tax returns were likely finished a long time ago.

Although Sanders was fighting against corruption and for transparency in D.C., he seems to be ignoring his own advice. Although he may have nothing to hide, he should lead by example and release his returns anyway.

To defeat Trump in the next presidential election, Democrats will need to point out the president's financial secrecy and conflicts of interest. To do this successfully, Democrats will need to be above reproach, and they will only be able to do so by embracing transparency with their own tax returns.