In Clip, Graham Hides From Marine Veteran Who Questions His Support Of Trump

Scott Dworkin on Twitter
Scott Dworkin on Twitter

“Watch Lindsey Graham run away from a Marine Corps Iraq Vet who respectfully tried to talk to him about Trump being in violation of the Constitution. Graham is a coward. Let’s make this viral. @NoOneIsAboveLaw #VetsForImpeachment”


Lindsey Graham avoided a constituent, who is also a Marine Corps vet, asks how he can support an unlawful president.

In this clip, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) turns tail and hides after a Marine Corps veteran asks Graham why he supports an unlawful president.

In the video, you can see Graham scampers away from the marine, and then hide behind a heavy door.


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They hide like rats


Miss Lindsey obviously prefers to cup Trump's cojones rather than grow a pair of his own. Whatever dignity or integrity he ever may have had apparently died with John McCain.

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