In Christmas Message, Trump Called For 'Deeper Understanding And Respect'


By Wednesday evening, President Trump was back to name-calling and attacks against his political opponents on Twitter.

President Donald Trump’s message to Americans on Christmas day included a call to “deeper understanding and respect,” which he said “exemplify the teachings of Christ,” according to The Hill.

“While the challenges that face our country are great, the bonds that unite us as Americans are much stronger,” Trump’s statement read. “Together, we must strive to foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect — traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ.”

Trump’s holiday message rang hollow and smacked of hypocrisy to many who consider him one of the most divisive presidents in American history.

In the wake of the House’s vote to impeach him — a situation the president has decried as a yet another “hoax” perpetrated by the “Do Nothing Democrats” — Trump has complained that he has been treated more unfairly than “those accused in the Salem witch trials,” The Hill noted.

And over the weekend, Trump asserted that he and his allies have been treated worse than anyone else in U.S. history from a legal point of view.

Despite calling for understanding and respect Christmas morning, Trump was back to attacking his political opponents by the evening, posting a disparaging tweet about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which he referred to her as “Crazy Nancy Pelosi.” He continued with the attacks on Thursday.

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