In China, A Giant Trump Dog Statue Welcomes Shoppers At A Mall


"TrumpDog: A giant dog figure sporting Trump's hairdo and gesture is seen outside a shopping mall in downtown Taiyuan."

New Year celebrations in China have witnessed the erection of a giant Trump-inspired dog outside of a mall in downtown Taiyuan, in honor of both 2018 and President Donald Trump's birth year being the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac.

China's People's Daily newspaper tweeted photos of the enormous Trumpian canine on December 25:

Last year, the same mall erected a giant Trump-like rooster to usher in the new year:

The president has hit China hard in the past for its trade practices:

Trump spent much of his presidential campaign blasting China for taking advantage of America on trade, saying “we can’t continue to allow China to rape our country.”