In Charlottesville, No Attorneys Are Willing To Defend Richard Spencer

Screengrab/Alternative Facts/YouTube

The admitted white supremacist is trying to have a lawsuit against him dismissed due to his misfortune.

One of the architects of last year's 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia is struggling to find legal representation. White supremacist Richard Spencer is facing a lawsuit brought by Integrity First for America on behalf of several people who were injured during the rally.

In light of his predicament, Spencer is trying to have the lawsuit dismissed. He has also argued that the violent rally is simply a “cost of free assembly and maintaining a vibrant political culture.”

Writing in an op-ed for the Hill, Monica Graham and Brett Edkins of Integrity First for America explain while it is unfortunate that Spencer is having such difficulty finding a lawyer, it is understandable:

It should come as no surprise that attorneys are reluctant to represent Spencer and his acolytes. Their views and conduct are antithetical to American values. Spencer has said he dreams of “an ethno state.” He calls Martin Luther King Jr. a “fraud and degenerate.” Matthew Heimbach, another defendant, says, “Of course we look up to men like Adolf Hitler.” Another calls gay people “sickening, demon-possessed monsters.”
Our justice system must be able to take away white supremacists’ power and show that their bigotry and violence cannot and should not be normalized or excused. We all should be concerned about the resurgence of groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. Right-wing extremism and racist terror have a long history of destruction and violence in the United States. The fact that these extremists are finding new, receptive audiences poses a threat to us all and we must fight back.