In Calls With Foreign Leaders, Trump Attacked Allies And Praised Dictators

Andrew Wagner

President Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders have drawn suspicion from White House aides.

White House aides have questioned many of President Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders throughout his first term, according to The Washington Post.

There was constant worry that the president would make promises he could not keep, endorse policies that were against the best interest of the United States, or jeopardize a critical alliance.

One former white house official said, “There was a constant undercurrent in the Trump administration of [senior staff] who were genuinely horrified by the things they saw that were happening on these calls.”

More recently, and a more egregious occurrence was the phone call between President Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This phone brought to question whether the president had abused his power on a phone call inquiring about Joe Biden in the upcoming 2020 election on July 25. As a result, House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

There have been other calls that have raised suspicion as well. Trump has been very friendly with authoritarian leaders such as Chinese President Xi Jinping, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

There has been speculation amongst white house officials that Trump's personal agenda has driven some of these phone calls. One former security official commented "People who could do things for him --- he was nice to."

President Trump's suspicious phone calls with foreign leaders has officially gone under investigation as House Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry.

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