In Call With Ukraine’s President, Trump Hinted At Harming A U.S. Ambassador



President Trump said former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovanovitch would "go through some things."

During his July phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Donald Trump made an ominous statement regarding the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

After referring to Marie Yovanovitch as “the woman” and “bad news,” Trump said, “She’s going to go through some things,” hinting that harm might come the ambassador’s way.

The New York Times noted that the career diplomat has already gone through plenty in the past several months, including being removed from her post months before scheduled.

Yovanovitch also “has been vilified in the right-wing news media, denounced by the president’s eldest son as a ‘joker,’” and “called a Democratic stooge by the president’s personal lawyer,” The Times reported.

According to her detractors, Yovanovitch has been disloyal to the president and disparaged him behind closed doors — a claim for which no evidence has been provided.

The campaign to tarnish her name and reputation began more than a year ago, when former Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisting Yovanovitch should be fired for routinely expressing “disdain” for the Trump administration in private.

The following spring, former federal prosecutor and Trump ally Joseph diGenova went on Fox News to allege that Yovanovitch had disparaged the president in front of Ukrainian officials, instructing them “not to listen to him or obey his policy because he was going to be impeached,” The Times said.

Then Donald Trump Jr. got in on the action, sharing a conservative media article that characterized Yovanovitch as an Obama-loyalist who was anti-Trump. Trump Jr. commented that his father should employ “less of these jokers as ambassadors.”

In the quest to show that former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in corrupt activity in Ukraine — an allegation for which there is no substantial proof — numerous actors in Trump’s circle have sought to sully the reputation of Yovanovitch, whom her colleagues say is “known as a straight arrow, disciplined, professional.”

After leaving her post in May, Yovanovitch went on to serve as a diplomat in residence at Georgetown University.

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They are the devil...and anyone who looks into his eyes is hooked...look away from him people...he's not for you he's for HIM...he'll kill ALL us if it's him or us...but hey...believe what helps you sleep at night I guess


Someone is going to get seriously hurt because of his hateful rhetoric, and trust me, he knows very well what he is doing.

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