In California, A Trump Supporter Allegedly Attacked Protesters With Bear Spray

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“A man wearing a MAGA cap was booked on suspicion of illegal use of tear gas, assault with a caustic chemical and parole violations after spraying bear repellant into a crowd of people protesting against Trump at the Santa Monica Pier in CA. Police are looking for a second man.”


Video shows the man, who is wearing a red MAGA hat, spraying a crowd of anti-Trump protesters with pepper spray.

A Trump supporter allegedly unleashed a can of pepper spray on anti-Trump protesters in California over the weekend, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Law & Crime reported that video of the incident showed a man wearing a red MAGA hat taking an object out of his pants pocket and spraying it on the crowd after a scuffle broke out between the two groups on the Santa Monica Pier.

Police declined to identify the suspect in custody but describe him as a 33-year-old local with a “fairly extensive” criminal history, including a prior conviction on a weapons charge, Law & Crime reported.

After the man sprayed people with the canister, the video shows him eluding individuals attempting to hold him back and spraying a man lying on the ground directly in the face. One witness in the video can be heard saying the man is using pepper spray.

He is later detained by police, with the crowd cheering as he is handcuffed.



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