In Arizona, Man Arrested After Attacking Group Of Muslim Women

Manuel Lewis(Tucson Police Department)

Manuel Lewis verbally and physically assaulted a group of Muslim women outside a Tucson Starbucks.

A man in Tucson, Arizona was arrested Sunday after accosting a group of Muslim women outside a Starbucks coffee shop, where he flipped over the table they were sitting at and went off on an anti-Muslim rant.

Manuel Lewis, 44, was carrying knives during the incident, though no one was injured.

According to witnesses and police, Lewis also flipped over their table and broke one of the women's phone.

"He ran and pushed into their table," said Joseph Witzke, who captured Lewis' arrest on his cell phone. "A couple of the girls fell down. He threw their table over."

Lewis took off after the attack and Witzke said witnesses chased Lewis down and detained him until officers got there a few minutes later.

This is not the first time Lewis is known to have engaged in harassment:

Amna Al Qaisi, the owner of Sinbad's Restaurant, said she has had problems with Lewis in the past. She said he has come up to her and yelled derogatory comments before he was chased off by her son.

As it stands, Lewis is facing several charges - all misdemeanors - but that could change should the prosecutors seek to add hate crime charges.

[Officer Chris] Hawkins said general hate speech does not amount to a hate crime in Arizona and that investigators need to have a reasonable belief the comments and actions were correlated.