In April, Mike Pence And His Wife Voted By Mail Using Their Old Indiana Address

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It is legal so long as they do not register to vote in D.C., but it seems to subvert the President’s voting rhetoric.

The Daily Beast reports that Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen Pence reportedly voted by mail in Indiana’s June primary election.

  • They registered to vote in the primary in April using their former address, the Indiana governor’s mansion. They have not lived there since 2016, when Pence became Vice President.
  • The Beast explains, “Though it is legal for the two to vote from a previous address so long as they do not register to vote in Washington, D.C., the move subverts President Donald Trump’s attacks on the vote-by-mail system.”
  • On multiple occasions, President Donald J. Trump has claimed that voting by mail is vulnerable to fraud. However, there is scant evidence this is true.
  • The New York University School of Law Brennan Center for Justice issued a report that found voter fraud to be “vanishingly rare” in general.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Election Data & Science Lab’s report on vote-by-mail also stated that although “fraud with [mail] voting seems to be more frequent than with in-person voting… As with all forms of voter fraud, documented instances of fraud related to [vote-by-mail] are rare.”
  • Trump himself voted in Florida’s Republican primary election earlier this year using a mail-in ballot.

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