In An Unhinged Speech, Trump Accuses Canadians Of Smuggling Across The Border

"They scuff [new shoes] up to make them sound old, or look old...No, we're treated horribly." - President Trump

Launching fresh criticism at one of America’s closest allies, President Donald Trump accused Canadians of coming to the United States to purchase goods and smuggle them back across the border.

Why? Trump said they are looking to avoid his tariffs.

From The Hill:

"They buy shoes and they wear them. They scuff them up to make them sound old, or look old," Trump told the National Federation of Independent Businesses during a summit in Washington.

"No, we're treated horribly," he said.

Trump also repeated his claim that Canada and Mexico have taken advantage of the U.S., saying again he might withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement – which he called "one of the worst deals ever made by this country, a disaster” – in favor of bilateral deals with each of America’s neighbors.

Addressing the growing concerns of American farmers, Trump said they will be provided for:

The president vowed to take care of farmers and manufacturers who have grown increasingly concerned about the tit-for-tat tariff battle happening between the U.S. and China along with many allies, which threatens to hamper their exports.

"We have to change our ways, we can no longer be the stupid country, we have to be the smart country," Trump said.

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