In Alabama, Pastor Roy Moore Is Top Choice Among GOP Primary Voters

Screengrab / CNN / YouTube

Roy Moore (R) lost to Doug Jones (D) in 2017 after reports surfaced that he had sexually assaulted teen girls

According to Alabama Reporter, a new poll has revealed that Roy Moore is the top choice among GOP primary voters for the 2020 Senate elections.

Moore lost to Senator Doug Jones (D) in the last election when reports revealed that he had sexually assaulted teenage girls. Now Moore is ahead of other GOP candidates in the polls, including Rep. Bradley Byrne, Rep. Mo Brooks, Rep. Gary Palmer, and State Senator Del Marsh. 27 percent of people said they would support Moore’s nomination.

45 percent of voters approve of how Jones handles the job while 44 percent disapprove. 11 percent of people are unsure. When asked if they would vote to replace Jones, 50 percent said they would replace him while 40 percent said they would re-elect him. 10 percent were undecided.

Jones’ chance of winning will be highly impacted by the Republican nominee chosen in the primary. Moore holds an advantage because people recognize his name- in fact, only 4 percent of people said they did not recognize his name. Almost half of voters don’t recognize Byrne’s name and even more don’t recognize Del Marsh’s name. Brooks has better name recognition, but over 20 percent of those polled didn’t recognize him.

“His current lead is largely a result of his name recognition advantage over others in the field,” according to the poll. “Those cushions will evaporate once the campaign begins in earnest.”

Only 34 percent of Republicans polled had a favorable opinion of Moore and 29 percent had an unfavorable view.

Moore is popular with older adults and Republican women. Republican men are more evenly divided between Moore and Brooks. Among all women polled, Jones is more popular.

The election may come down to the divide between white and black voters, as in 2017. 70 percent of white voters said they would replace Jones, while 84 percent of black voters said they’d re-elect him.

625 registered voters were interviewed.

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