In Alabama, 71% Of Likely GOP Voters Call Moore Accusations 'False'

Screengrab/Family Research Council/Rshill7/Youtube

In the State of Alabama, 71% of likely Republican voters disbelieve the child molestation accusations against Roy Moore.

According to a new CBS News poll, 71 percent of Alabama Republicans believe the sexual misconduct allegations against GOP candidate Roy Moore are false, and most of them believe the Democrats and media are behind the lies.

The poll found 92 percent of Republicans who don't believe the allegations against Moore say the Democrats are behind the charges, and 88 percent say newspapers and the media are behind them.

Also among Moore voters:

  • 52% will vote for him because they want to see another conservative in the Senate
  • 48% believe he is the best person for the job
  • 53% say the allegations are concerning but other issues are more important
  • One third say the allegations are not a concern to them
  • 49% say their vote is in support of President Trump
  • Among Moore voters, President Trump has a 96% approval rating