In A Six-Week Period, Fox News Mentioned AOC 3,181 times

Screengrab / Fox News / Youtube

Fox News mentioned Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over 3,000 times from February 25 to April 7.

Almost everybody at Fox News can't stop talking about freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

USA Today reported on a new study from liberal watchdog Media Matters for America that found that the Democrat from New York City was mentioned, on average, nearly 76 times a day, or 3,181 times in total, on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network from February 25 to April 7. Not a single day during the six-week period passed when someone on Fox didn't talk about her.

Media Matters for America said that its findings showed that Fox News has an obsession and that the outspoken Democrat has become a target for the network. Ocasio-Cortez is "someone for hosts and guests to demonize, knock down and refer to whenever grievances need to be aired against the Democratic Party."

The study did not look at any other news sources,. Media Matters for America aims to monitor conservative news sources in the United States. The television network has mocked Ocasio-Cortez's efforts to promote a Green New Deal, called her hypocritical for riding in cars and airplanes, and has devoted primetime air time to talking about her social media presence. Fox's Sean Hannity called the first-term Democrat, not Nancy Pelosi, "the real speaker of the House."

Responding to the results of the study, Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney explained one of the reasons why his colleagues and him talk about Ocasio-Cortez so much. "We have an AOC segment every day, almost every single hour," he said. "She's good for our ratings."

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