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The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security asked Congress to approve billions of dollars more in funding to deal with an increased flow of migrants to the border, saying that the increase has hurt the morale of CBP officers, according to CBS News.

According to CBS News, acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan said, "Their morale is impacted. They're tired. A lot of them have gotten sick. They've been exposed to flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps — all kinds of challenges in terms of the medical care. They're spending time overnight in hospitals, instead of patrolling the border."

The proposed $4.5 billion Republican-sponsored bill would bolster border security and provide more funds to the numerous concentration camps housing migrant children in U.S. custody. The demand for more funding comes after an arrival of over 60,000 migrant children within 40 days, the type of increase that McAleenan says is creating a “tremendous strain” on DHS.

This “strain” has already prompted DHS to suspend all legal, educational, and recreational services to migrant children in U.S. custody, including ESL classes and soccer games.

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